euro 2008 fantasy

as a yank who talks a lot of shit in London bars about how not everyone here in ‘merica is a dumb hick when it comes to football, I find myself struggling with my Euro 2008 fantasy league picks. Unless they played in the premiership or appeared with their clubs in the latter rounds of the Champs League I know almost nothing about them. I’m picking Spain to win it with Torres as player of the tournament, which goes to show you how little I know about international football. I’m sure Spain will lose in the semi-final after having a goal disallowed for an obviously incorrect offsides decision.

Anyway, while I struggle with my selections I have the US Nashitnal Team’s match against Spain tomorrow to look forward to. Carlos Blackmouth vs. the Bull. If this were a real match we’d have no chance. Hell, even in a preamble we have no chance. Spain 1: US: 0.

Lots of thoughts about the nashitnal team, the Euro, and my ongoing disappointment in myself for not supporting MLS more in the days to come.


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