1-0 loth to thpain (US:0, Spain 1)

Well, we certainly looked better today, but still not very good. Spain looked like they couldn’t be bothered,  while the US looked scrappy and disorganized. Still, it was nice to see Freddy Adu playing so well. We need him to have a good 3-5 year run. This is a player who’s not going to last a long time, given his diminutive size and reliance on quickness.  A few years of professional fouls will cost him half a step.

Adu aside, there were few highlights from the US side.  Spain’s goal was well taken by Xavi, but resulted from a total breakdown in the US defence. He beat 5 of our players on that.  5.  that’s absurd.  Of course I was happy Fabregas engineered the goal, and Spain is still my pick to win the Euro, though I have a 100% track record of picking these tournaments incorrectly.

In other news, Josey Altidor is apparently going to Villareal.  Well done, Josey.  Playing for a top Spanish side- even if he rarely makes it off the reserves- will improve his game dramatically.  With any luck he will do well and we won’t see him back in an MLS jersey until he’s in his mid-thirties. Plus I love the idea that he’ll be playing alongside Pires and Riquelme.

In other news, I think I’ve got my fantasy team picked for Euro 2008, teamname: Latveria.  I’m coming off the heels of an amazing, Fulham-like run at the end of my fantasy premiership league to leapfrog the hated Bangers&Mash and escape the drop.  My nemesis just had his third baby, so will either be distracted or intently focused on the tournament in order to avoid thinking about the grim realities of his real life.  If I can nudge him that much closer to complete and utter misery it will have been a successful campaign.

By the way, is Harkes a bad commentator, or the worst commentator ever?  Where is Eric Wynalda? He was the best thing to ever happen to US soccer coverage.  He was opinionated and passionate and real.  We miss you.


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