nashitnal team 0, argentina 0

well, i have to admit the US looked much better tonight, though in the interest of full disclosure I only saw the second half.

these friendlies are always tough to get a good read on. Argentina is unquestionably 1000 times better than the US, but at least on this night the US held their own. Of course, Argentina is already in the middle of their world cup qualifying campaign so couldn’t really go full out, but the team they brought to Giants Stadium was no joke. The only two big absences were Riquelme and Tevez– big players, to be sure, but its not like the top-ranked team in the world lacks for depth.

So without reading too much into the match itself, it seems the US has learned a bit from its recent matches and is willing to play attacking football rather than just watch as more skilled teams run around them. Howard had an amazing game, which is essential whenever our nashitnal team comes up against anyone of quality. The US has a tradition of good keepers–after all, they get a lot of practice stopping shots in all of their non-Concacaf matches.

Next week is when the “real” matches begin, as we take on the mighty Barbados in Los Angeles. Barbados. If we can win that match, then I really don’t think there’s a team in the world that can stop us. They’re only a hair below San Marino in terms of quality.

As i admitted before, i only saw the second half, but I was thrilled not to see Carlos Blackmouth on the field. did he play the first half? I’m going to assume he didn’t, as the score was 0-0.

In other news, the Euro was entertaining this weekend, even though a few of the matches were pretty dull. Germany looked NASTY, especially in the first half, though Poland did have a few good chances. Podolski’s second goal was absurd. I’m really pissed off that I followed the advice of the espn soccernet commentators, though, who said Podolski wasn’t going to play. i had him on my team and then dropped him after looking at their anticipated line-ups. Instead, I picked Pigfarmer, who came on in the second half and got a quick booking. He totally set up the second goal, though Klose got in the way and I’m sure he was actually credited with the assist.

Back to work tomorrow and the horrible feeling of working while the group of death faces off. I am of course tivo-ing the matches, but its not the same. I’ll probably follow the games on http:.// and then fast forward the matches later to see the goals. I hate that I do it, but there you go.


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