euro, day 3: what a difference 2 years makes

Thank god I didn’t watch that France-Romania match, but the Netherlands-Italy game was a sight.  The Dutch looked great, but the Italians looked dreadful.  A bunch of old men chasing the ball. Reminds me of the Arsenal-Milan Champions League tie this season.  Arsenal/Holland passing and moving and running around a bunch of uomi vechii.   Their league is crap now, their national team is crap now.  Excuse me if I don’t weep.;

I have fond memories of throwing plastic, half-full Bud Light bottles at Donadoni when he came to play DC United during his brief stint at the NY MetroStars.  At the time, the message was “welcome to America, good choice to come and play here. Crap football and drunken surly fans.   Enjoy”.  Now it’s Italy who are wondering what the hell he’s doing there.  They’ll be calling for his head after this one.

Time to see what Spain can do tomorrow.  My fantasy team, if put together on an actual pitch at one time, would surely be the worst side in the tournament.


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