Tommy Smyth: a blight

Tommy Smyth, the antichristYesterday saw an amazing team performance by Spain and perhaps one of the most well-struck balls I’ve ever seen from Ibrahimovich, but my enjoyment of the Spain-Russia match was tempered by the incessant drivel coming out of that leprachaun Tommy Smyth. The following is an actual quote from this pimple on the ass of ESPN’s coverage:

“You can see him [Torres] a little bit isolated right there,
though there are other players around him.”

I kept rewinding and playing it over because I couldn’t believe he actually said it, but there you go. This is in sharp contrast to the brilliant commentary of Andy Gray, who gives praise where its merited and criticism where warranted. Could you imagine him saying anything like the above?

The ESPN Soccernet fantasy league my dreaded rival Bangers&Mash signed us up for is a farce. The rules are totally unlike any fantasy game I’ve ever paticipated in. Points for the people on your bench??? WHere the hell did it say that in the rules? This is another blatant example of Bangers&Mash looking to squeeze any dime he can out of those will less information than he has. What a cheap, sniveling bitch. At least I’m better than him at golf…



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4 responses to “Tommy Smyth: a blight

  1. Saint

    Maybe that little jockey should do NBA games instead – he seems more interested in talking about the Celtics-Lakers (even though he makes it clear he’s a knicks fan) than he does talking about the game in front of him. I don’t think we get bench points, and even if we did, you’d still be losing. I can’t remember – was there a $2 bet for long drive on the 18th last time you went head to head with Bangers?

  2. b&m

    sorry it’s taken me so long to reply / defend myself, but i’ve been busy you see. destroying housing, while pumping up commodities, and avoiding mass layoffs all at the same time requires effort, commitment, and work ethic. none of which i have, but my front row seat can be entertaining at times. now regarding the the “league”, i must admit the espn fantasy euro soccer site is abysmal and i also don’t understand the scoring system. which is why lionel hutz is in 1st. btw, shot 83 at raspberry last week. left driver in the bag. just ask my boss, oops sorry, he’s not with us anymore. i think we should change march golf outing to october golf outing, starting this year.

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