Saint and Bangers on the Oranje march


i love that they went up 1-0 vs the frogs, and then they put in van persie and robben. the french rightly crapped themselves. i also saw on espn that there is a player named ruud van persie. surely if there was such a person he would win the tournament singlehandedly while gropping austrian whores at the same time


Nastiest team I've seen in a long time - maybe ever - offensively anyway - ridiculous what thwy did to two of the best in the world


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One response to “Saint and Bangers on the Oranje march

  1. Saint

    Russians found the touchline at will against the Dutch sieve and should have scored 6 or 7 on the Oranje. Dutch were an absolute disaster in the back – as bad as their attack was brilliant in the opening games. Engelaar in particular looked lost in the back and even more lost when he had opportunities initiate runs forward. Pathetic, but you had to see it coming – such is the Oranje tease.

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