why did England wear yellow shirts today?

Total lack of creativity. No real attack. Slow midfield. Dodgy keeper. I swear it was England that lined up against the Russkies today. The yellow must be their alternative kit.

Apparently Roman is paying for Guus’s salary, which makes sense in some only-makes-sense-in -Russia kind of way. Those godless commie scum are lucky America (fuck, yeah) isn’t playing in this tournament. Actually, the entire world is lucky America isn’t playing in this competition. Who would wants to watch that shitty team?

According to my favorite and yours Tommy Smyth, the Boston Celtic beat the LA Laker to win the NBA finals. How should I react to his ignorance? Should I refer to that Scottish team only in the plural from now on?

Apparently my nemesis Bangers is in a bit of trouble with some large, bat-wielding men due to his incompetence as a bookmaker. He should be OK as long as Portugal, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia and Russia all get knocked out.



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2 responses to “why did England wear yellow shirts today?

  1. bangers

    sweden blow. should have known when freddie ljunberg got the armband. how long ago was that sweet fa cup final goal? 1980’s maybe? i think he had hair back then too. hasn’t really done much since except excite my wife with his banana hammock ads whenever we cut through the mens section of macy’s to get into the mall.

    portugal vs deutschland. to be honest, few things make me happy these days, what with the depression and all… portugal losing today however pleases me very much. i don’t care how good your team is on paper, once they witness thousands of krauts singing that “deutschland uber alles” rally call, they are rightly scared to shit. these guys tried to take over the world once, and nearly did it. you should never underestimate a well organized group of germans in anything. just look they also produced the scorpians. anyway ronaldo and his brazilian compatriots never really had a chance as far as i’m concerned. and to watch that piece of crap twisting and wrything, faking bullshit injury motherf*cker lose the game and cry puts smile on my face ever time. i really have no patience for that cheating crap. what really scares me is how much $ manutd is going to get from madrid for that f’er.

  2. soccerese

    well said, Bangers. By the way, was I hearing things, or were the German fans chanting the tune to the White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” during the match?

    Podoloski’s shot that went just past the top right corner may have been the hardest struck ball in the history of hard struck balls. How does he not get playing time at Bayern with a cannon like that?

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