The ugliest men in Europe, part 1

Chicks can go on and on about Ronaldo or Ljumberg or Ballack as much as they want, but the new trend in football is clear: ugly.

For your consideration, a fantasy team of the Cup’s ugliest players, starting from the back. Please send any additions/considerations, as this will be updated over the rest of the tournament.

Goalkeeper: Bogdan Lobont, Romania

This man looks exactly like you would think a man named Bogdan Lobont would look. In the offseason, Bogdan bounces at a Bucharest brothel.

The Polish Hills Have Eyes

Defender: Mariusz Jop, Poland

A survivor of a freak industrial accident, Mariusz doubles as an axe-wielding maniac in Polanski films.



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5 responses to “The ugliest men in Europe, part 1

  1. Saint

    Ribery and Puyol were too obvious?

  2. I realize this is years late, and predictable on my part, but I would be remiss if I did not give due props to Rudi Voeller

  3. soccerese

    Ribery and Puyol will definitely feature in future posts. This is just the start.

  4. Mike

    I vote for Rustu as substitute goalkeeper.

  5. praźródło_wszelkiej_wiedzy


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