Ugliest Men in Europe, part 2b

A few comments/suggestions have come in (OK, one), but its a good one and warrants a separate post, I think.

Servet Cetin, Defender, Turkey

According to Murali Krishnan:
“he’s the scariest of them all. Even scarier than Ribery himself. ”
Now I think that may be a bridge too far, but he’s definitely not a pretty man. Is he one of the dozens suspended/injured for Turkey’s impending 3-1 defeat to Germany?


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One response to “Ugliest Men in Europe, part 2b

  1. ericdewdar

    See, this is what I’m talking about. Not only did you not take my advice about beefing up your blog with more pix of hot women who may or may not be soccer fans, but you turned and sprinted in the opposite direction. So instead of figuring out a way to move your product in the right direction (read: the porn direction) you are slapping your readers in the face with ugly dudes. Aren’t you in publishing? What the hell? Now you are forcing my hand. When I get home tonight and somehow figure out how to enable cookies on my Mac, I’m going to spam-bomb Soccerese with scantily clad Brazilian ass. Someone has to be the smut peddler around here. I’m just surprised it has to be me.


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